GTA V Review

On April 26, 2015 by admin

GTA V for the most part I think blew away people’s expectations. Most people thought it was going to be good, but not this good. Rockstar made a huge sandbox world, improved multi-player, and made a kick ass campaign. That’s not even to mention the graphics. If you are playing on console obviously performance not a factor but if you are on PC make sure to get a good system to really experience this game. I play it on the Playstation 4 and I love it. Even my big brother plays the game and likes it too.

The best part of this game is how you feel like you are part of the world. The missions immerse you into it. When someone is yelling with you against the other gang you feel like that computer controlled character is on your side. I think the best part is you feel like a bad ass criminal. The city of Los Santos is pretty cool with a ton of stuff to do. There is enough detail to go exploring for hours and just look at stuff. Of course that is not as much fun as blowing things up and creating havoc but I’m just saying it’s that nice looking of a game. One of my friends has a 1440p monitor and a really nice gaming computer and the game looks even better. In this post I included a screen shot of the beach.

Gta V screenshot

The online part of the game is fun too. You can have up to 30 players and pretty much everyone just kills each other. It is complete chaos most of the time. There are also things like street races and joint missions. You basically save up enough money to buy nice cars, apartments, and stuff like that. One thing I hope they do is add more stuff to do in online mode. Once you buy all the best stuff the only really fun thing left to do is some of the missions and driving around killing other people.

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