Review of Gaming Chairs

On April 26, 2015 by admin

Check out this site for info on gaming chairs for console gamers. They have a review of all the X Rocker chairs. Not a lot of people have heard of X Rocker gaming chairs. Most people just sit on their couches or on the ground or pull up a kitchen chair. That’s great and all, but it’s not as good as these gaming chairs. After a couple hours I get uncomfortable with other options. These gaming chairs are designed to game and have sound in the headrest. It makes gaming that much more fun when you feel like you are surrounded by the game.

x rocker ice

x rocker ice

For awhile my friends and I would use bean bag chairs to game in front of the TV with. That all changed when I got a gaming chair for Christmas. The first gaming chair I got was the X Rocker Pulse. It’s a really great chair, it is comfortable to play games for hours in. If you hook up the speakers you’ll also be able to enjoy the sound. It has two speakers in the head rest and a subwoofer. The bass is pretty powerful. You can also flip up the arms if they get in your way. It’s not too heavy, and you can move it around pretty easy. Sometimes I’ll move it into my room to hang out there. I liked this one so much I got a second one called the X Rocker Ice Game chair. It is pretty much the same thing it just looks a lot cooler. Now when I have friends over the losers get the bean bag chairs and the winners get the X Rockers.

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