Some PC Gaming Accessories to look at

On April 26, 2015 by admin

There are a few must have accessories for PC gamers. Just those little things that make life easier or make the game you are playing just a tad bit more enjoyable. This can range from a near necessity such as a good mouse all the way down to a large specially designed mousepad. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money on gaming equipment because I either see someone else using it or for a bunch of other reasons. Maybe at the time I’m just bored and have a hole to burn in my pocket.

In this post I’m going to look at a few accessories most people don’t really think about.

PC Gaming Controller

I think this is a big one for a lot of people. I also know a lot of gamers pledge only to stick with the mouse and keyboard because they are superior and all that jazz. I agree for the most part but there are certain types of games that frankly need a controller or you are going to rage quit. Take for example Super Meatboy. It is so much easier to beat that game with a controller.

Another reason I feel people get a controller for pc games is because they are coming from a console platform. If you’ve been a diehard console gamer for a while sometimes it’s too hard to make the switch. Eventually in some games they will hang up their controller and use the keyboard and mouse but for any game they can they will probably use a controller.

I think the best pc gaming controller is Playstation’s dual shock 4. That’s right, it’s actually the console controllers that are probably the best for pc gaming too. A lot of the designs of specifically built “pc controllers” are based off the design of the console controllers anyway. Read more about best controllers for pc gaming.

Headphone Stand

You probably have never thought about this. But ever since I got one my desk stays a lot more organized. There’s already enough crap and cords on it. When I have a designated spot for my headset it becomes habit to hang it up after each time I’m done playing.

I don’t know about you but my headset cost over $100. I want to take care of it because to me that’s a lot of money. Before I got a stand it would sometimes end up on the floor. If I were to step on it the wrong way there would go my $100. So that’s another helpful thing about the stand it will help keep your headset safe.

razer headset stand

razer headset stand

They also look pretty cool too. Look at this one that Razer makes.

Gaming Eyewear

If you watch pro gamers stream and stuff you’ve probably seen at least one of them wearing gaming glasses. They look pretty nerdy but I got some and I noticed a difference. There’s some days during the summer I spend all day in front of my monitor. Sometimes towards the end of the day, my eyes would start to hurt from the strain and focus. These helped reduce that feeling.

If you already wear a prescription pair of glasses then you can get Gunnars that also help your vision. Also they have come out with some pairs that actually look good. Even if you don’t like the look of them who’s going to care when you are at home playing video games on your computer.

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